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Saturday, April 07, 2012

N/V Chateau Chantal Celebrate

Anytime I find a Michigan wine around these parts, I tend to snag a bottle because the state puts out some great stuff. We are going to the Traverse City area in a few months, so when I saw this, I grabbed one figuring it would help me decide if a revisit to Chateau Chantal was warranted. This goes for fourteen bucks at the winery.

Watermelon and red apple candy on the nose, plus some cherry (candy and otherwise).

Basically, the palate is exactly like the nose - watermelon, red apple, and cherry candy with a bit of real cherry...concentrated cherry.

Cherry candy dominates the finish.

If it wasn't my only option, I can't say I would have grabbed this since, on principle, I tend to avoid wines sparkling wines that call themselves "Champagne" when they aren't - but I'm very happy I did. I like this quite a bit - I look forward to checking out the tasting room again.

(I used to score, I'm not comfortable doing that anymore, at least at this point....we'll see.)