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Sunday, February 08, 2009

N/V Lynfred Winery Vin de City

This is ten bones at the winery and we dug it at a recent tasting, so I snagged a bottle.

Strong raspberry on the nose with some earthy notes as it opens.

Decent acidic backbone, no really tannins, tons of fruit. Black cherry and blackberry with a little bit of chocolate.

Raspberry sticks around for a while.

For what is – a simple, non-vintage pizza wine – this is fine.

Wine: 6
QPR: Yep

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sweetwines said...

I go to Lynfred every month and I have learned that the Vin De City is the same as Freds Red and there are different vintages that come out every year. I actually loved the Freds Red that came out in the Holiday Edition bottle and was told by some of the workers at the winery that once you find a vintage you like to make sure you get the same bottle type.