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Saturday, August 21, 2010

N/V Kirkland Sonoma Sparkling Wine

Oh Costco....every so often I debate cancelling my membership but I'll be damned if it ain't worth it. This bottle goes for $11 and is part of the Costco house brand Kirkland.

Very nice nose, pink lady apples for the most part. The wine seems to have a pinkish hue so my guess is this has a reasonable amount of Pinot Noir.

More of a red apple quality on the palate, fruity, perhaps a touch sweet, or it may be just a tad short of acid. Perhaps a bit of raspberry, and some of that funky white cherry Slurpee thing, but it's mostly apple here with a bit of pie crust. Quite nice.

A bit of spice, almost a hint of cinnamon comes through on the finish, more pie crust, with almost a cherry aspect.

For $11, I'm going to give this one a hearty recommendation.

Score: 88

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