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Saturday, September 07, 2013

what to do?

This blog has been sitting here for a while frequently lingers in my mind....what to do with it?      

Part of me debates just hitting "delete."    

Here's the thing, we don't even drink much wine anymore (we've been in a "cocktail phase" for a few years now).   One of the things about "getting into wine" is you develop a taste for wine, you learn what's good, and the reality is most "really" good (especially red) wine is over $20.  That bottle will last an evening, perhaps two, but realistically one.

For $20, I can buy a liter of Kirkland brand bourbon that will last two weeks.   On it's own?  Not ideal.    Mix a bit of sugar and some bitters...basically all you need.

By no means am I "anti-wine" or anything, we grab sparkling wine all the time, cheap Italian bottles when pasta or pizza is on the menu, chenin blanc with oysters (though a martini with a twist really does the trick as well), blah blah blah.  

The reality is, after years of the blog, this is my takeaway:

A great red wine?   Robert Mondavi Napa Valley Cabernet.  $25ish.   Look no farther.

A great sparkling wine?     Go to L Mawby's website, choose the sweetness level you like and go from there.     

A great rose?   Pushpin.  Not sure if it's private label Whole Foods or not but I've only seen it there, but it ranges from $6-10 and when it goes on sale for $6 I grab multiple bottles.  

A great white?   Fetzer Gewurztraminer, you'll get change back on a $10.

There.  That's it.   All you need to know.   There's more out there of course and I'm all for experimenting, but I guess we're in a rut....

So, all that crabbiness aside, every so often I encounter things worth sharing.    So, we'll see...    This blog is's not a "wine blog" as much as it's a "food and drink" blog, but that's how it was going anyway......      

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