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Monday, March 31, 2008

2006 Evil Cabernet Sauvignon

Any Mercyful Fate fans reading this out there? Maybe you know the song “Evil”? Maybe you've watched this video and know how awesome they are? Could this wine be appropriate for the Mercyful Fate fan and the wine snob? Let's find out. (Note: This wine is in no way associated with Mercyful fate, but I do think an advertising blitz with the two together would be amazing.)

Twizzlers, alcohol and a bit of alcohol on the nose.

This is a big wine – a lot of fruit, but there's some solid wood to give it some balance. Big fruit – black cherry, blueberry, plum – though it's not over the top – oak and acid balance this all out. Cedar, oak, spice, and nice tannins give it great backbone. As it opens some raspberry comes forward as well as some earthy and chocolatey notes.

The oak and some strawberry notes come through on the finish.

How much for this evil bottle? Ten stinkin' bucks. This is what QPR is about - it may only be March but this will almost certainly go on the bargains of the year list – I'll be hitting the wine shop and grabbing several more bottles of this when I get a chance.

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