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Friday, May 16, 2008

2005 Louis Jadot Gevrey-Chambertin Burgundy

I snagged this Burgundy for about $32 at Costco to bring to Schwa. While I did not take notes at the restaurant, we only went through about half the bottle, so here it is, about five hours after opening. Thankfully in Chicago, when you buy/bring a bottle of wine at a restaurant and don't finish it, you are allowed to let the restaurant recork it and bring it home as long as it's properly sealed and in the trunk.

A big nose – raspberry, earth, cola, and cherry.

Lots of acid, lots of fruit, lots of earth – well balanced, but by no means mild. A fair amount of zing, some interesting soda notes – cola and root beer – some cherry and raspberry, nothing in terms of oak really, but some nice spice and a black tea sort of tannin structure.

The finish is all overly steeped black tea with a bit of pomegranate or maybe cranberry.

As I've mentioned in the “about us” - we like Burgundy but we're nowhere near the point of being experts nor are we anywhere near the tax bracket where that would even be possible. I personally really like this bottle, I think it's great with food or on its own, but I'm sure there are Burgundy freaks who will tear me apart so I hesitate saying much more than this is an excellent bottle at a fair price, distinctly Burgundy and solid all around.

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