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Thursday, May 01, 2008

2006 The Show Cabernet Sauvignon

This goes for about $13 – I've seen this bottle around and finally decided to grab one. I didn't even realize this was a Three Thieves product until getting it home.

Green pepper and spice on the nose.

Nicely balanced – a bit of oak, a bit of spice, and some nice fruit. Cherry, blueberry, blackberry, plus a bit of oak, spice including the slightest bit of anise and dash of cinnamon.

Some oak and berry notes linger on the finish.

On the second day, more funkiness comes out – chocolate and bell pepper – and the fruit fades just a bit. Lingering cocoa really comes through on the finish and lasts for sometime.

For $13 this is a solid bottle. It's extremely well balanced and has enough going on to well be worth the price. It's quite good the first day, but I think it actually morphed into something a bit more interesting on the second. Go for it.

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