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Thursday, June 12, 2008

N/V Bouvet-Ladubay Signature Brut

We were into the Bouvet Brut Rose well enough that when I saw this on sale for $10 I figured I'd snag a bottle.

Apple and lemon on the nose.

Brut? I think not. I've had bottles of Demi-Sec that were sweeter. This is far sweeter than I generally tolerate in sparkling wine and therefore I am a bit biased against this one. A bit of honey and some suggestions of apple pie – spiced, sweetened apples with some crust like hints – on the palate.

A bit of yeast and apple on the finish.

I can't in good faith recommend this if you are a fan of Brut sparkling wines – if you like a bit of of sweetness I suppose it's worth a shot but to me, it loses tremendous points for the inaccurate label description.

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