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Saturday, June 07, 2008

N/V Galena Cellars American Cabernet Sauvignon

So my sister calls me at work and says “hey, we're at Galena Cellars, do you want something?” I figured I'd try their a cab, that's apparently non-vintage.

Very light cherry and spice on the nose.

I'd call it “soft” - a little bit of oak, but mostly cherry vanilla ice cream of sorts. There are no flaws here, it's just fairly simple – a very easy quaff.

A gently tannic, soft and fuzzy finish with linger cherry.

I can't help but cringe at the $20 pricetag here – it's not a bad bottle of wine at all, but it's also not terribly interesting. Considering it's an Illinois wine from a small, family owned winery I can't criticize this too much - I look forward to revisiting their tasting room and trying an assortment.

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