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Thursday, August 21, 2008

2006 Bear's Lair Viognier

This was four bucks at Trader's Joe and I bought it on a whim.

Tropical fruit on the nose – papaya and pineapple mostly.

Feels a bit viscous in the mouth, some spicy notes, and a bit of fruit – quite dry over all actually.

This is interesting as the finish is huge while the palate is somewhat muted....lots of spice and tropical fruit – papaya and maybe even some guava with lingering vanilla bean and at the very end some strong lime notes coming through. An insanely long finish for almost any wine, let alone one under five bones.

This is a tough bottles to complain about...dirt cheap and surprisingly complex. I like my Viognier with more melon on the flavor profile but hey – four bucks? I'm sold.

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Jason said...

I've had this one as well though don't think I am as big of a fan. "Viscous" was a perfect description for this wine. Have you had the Honeymoon Viognier? I grabbed a bottle of that one as well. Any other favorites at TJ's? Here are some of my favorite Trader Joe's Wines.