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Saturday, October 31, 2009

2007 Tohani Dracula's Blood Pinot Noir

Perfect for Halloween - Dracula's Blood. This was a gift, so I'm not sure of the price though I can't imagine a novelty thing like this hitting twenty bucks. Interestingly, there's another label called Orlok's Blood out there, but it violated copyright law and all bottles were to be collected and destroyed, only it had been distributed so widely it's already gained mainstream popularity.

A funky sorta thing on the nose - almost like a blueberry infused rootbeer thing.

This is described as an "Semi-Dry Red" - a designation I would typically avoid. However, it's dryer than your average cheap Australian and/or Californian plonk sold as legit wine. Everything about this wine is soft - tannins, acid, fruit, and earth are all present but all are very mild - a decent step above your Beaujolais Nouveaus. For fruit, it's mostly cherry and though I do get some RS, it's less than one would expect. A fine quaff - the more you sit and contemplate, the more some strange, slightly medicinal, things come through.

A bit of a Twizzler thing on the finish with some black pepper creeping in as well.

It's actually a rather acceptable offering for a kitschy label and a semi-dry - perhaps not a wine for daily drinking but a fine compromise for the average red drinker and those who prefer whites. I could see this working for Thanksgiving, actually, where you want something food friendly and not too complex.

Wine: 6
Value: Take it for what it is


MyfreakingReality said...

Nice Wine, I was thinking of trying some other Romanian wine, any references. Nice blog :)

thewineauxs said...

I had a Pinot Noir from Romania - Murfatlar - something like eight bucks and a great bargain. The problem with a lot of Eastern European reds is they tend to be sweet (which doesn't work for my palate).

Anonymous said...

This can best be described as clown wine. It was terrible. Couldn’t even finish the “free taste” glass we were given. Tastes like cinnamon or something was added. That’s never supposed to be a wine taste. I had a house Merlot instead and it was WAY better.

thewineauxs said...

It is what it is - in hindsight I feel I was almost certainly too generous with this, but are you really shocked a wine named "Dracula's Blood" isn't very good?