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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dinner - Lockwood - 5/14/10

Oh, frustrate me, but I still like you. Like. I want to love you, but I can't.

I've been to Lockwood a few times mostly for lunch and had a dinner some time ago. I've enjoyed each visit. This visit - and a previous one - both shared one very large issue: every hot dish arrived lukewarm.

The bread at Lockwood is among the best I've had. I would visit this place for the bread alone.

A deconstructed shrimp cocktail was the highlight of the meal. Those are laughing bird shrimp and an array of sauces. Flawless.

The deconstructed chicken wings are good....lukewarm, though (the bread was warmer than the chicken). The menu describes these as "filled with great hills blue cheese" - these were not. There were, however, chunks of blue cheese on the plate so one could control the amount. This is merely an observation rather than a complaint - a comment in case it looks like the kind of think you want to try but you dislike blue cheese.

Saffron risotto was good, with a bit of lobster on the top there.

Four different preparations of pork - rib, tenderloin, and I don't remember what else. Everything was good, but yet again....lukewarm.

Frustrating. People on yelp complain about slow service at Lockwood. In my opinion, the service doesn't "feel" slow - it is certainly deliberately paced, but no more so than most high end restaurants. Is the lukewarm food the fault of the leisurely service? Or is the kitchen to blame? Perhaps the chicken wings were prepared and plated before the shrimp and it sat too long? I don't know. I liked our waiter - he was friendly and attentive, so I hate to blame him.

To be blunt: If I disliked Lockwood I wouldn't bother posting these photos. The food is quite good and the prices are fair for the quality. That being said, in order to truly enjoy the experience you have to look the other way on enough things that my recommendation is a qualified one. I will likely return, but it will be later rather than sooner.

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