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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lunch - Blackbird - 5/14/10

We had lunch at Blackbird on May 14 as part of a weekend of gluttony to celebrate the ol' wedding anniversary.

We ate at Blackbird so I figured Blackbird rose was a fair choice. No notes, but I enjoyed it.

Sweetbreads was the appetizer. If you go to Blackbird, you must get sweetbreads. Seriously. The green stuff is not avocado but pistachio along with some preserved plum.

Blackbird is not only delicious, but it is a rather outstanding bargain at lunch. This pork belly sandwich - which was quite large - was $13. The fries were, without exaggeration, the best fries I have had anywhere ever. Seriously.

Fran had the grilled hanger steak with cavolo nero, cajeta-braised onions and watercress.

I was quite sold on Blackbird with our dinner visits, but lunch was outstanding all around. I don't think anything on the menu was over $20 except for a three course lunch deal that had three courses. Sold.

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