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Friday, December 24, 2010

2008 Boom Boom Syrah

I've seen this go for $16 to $20, so when the $15 pricetag at Costco caught my eye, I snagged a bottle.

Kind of a chocolate covered cherry nose.

Blueberry dominates with some chocolate and cherry....little in terms of tannins, earth, or even oak, but some nice acid with the fruit makes it quite approachable.

The finish is kind of interesting, sort of a blueberry infused green tea right away but it fades quite quickly.

Tasty stuff, but admittedly simple - for $15, I actually like it enough to buy it again. We'll be drinking a bottle of this tonight with Christmas Eve dinner and I think it will go well. It's fruity and smooth enough I can even see this working with some spicier foods like Mexican or Thai if you insist on red. I say it's worth a shot.

Score: 86

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SJP said...

Charles Smith has made a fortune by figuring out the american version of cheaper, easy drinkin' auzzie wines. Everything in this line is simple, quaffable and not worthy of much thought...and sometimes, dammit, that's what you need. I just wish he would drop the price of his higher end "K Vintners" line so that we mere mortals could have a go once in awhile.

He's a nice enough chap, but I'll drink Boom Boom before I'll plop the $50 + he wants for his better syrah.

Nice blog, btw.