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Monday, February 28, 2011

N/V Moet and Chandon Impeial

Imperial doesn't get much respect (it used to be called White Star), but neither does Veuve Yellow and I dig that stuff - this can be had for anywhere between $30 and $35ish.

The nose is kind of interesting as it seems to show shortbread and even some peanut qualities.

In one word, I'd call this boring. There are some bready and yeasty notes, some orange pith, but really, not a whole lot. Too sweet to be brut, certainly not sweet enough for dessert - the sorta wine I'd recommend with Thai or Indian food, but too expensive for randomly pairing (unless received as a gift).

A bit of a grapefruit with a bit of sugar on top thing on the finish, maybe some tangerine - the finish is far more interesting and flavorful than the palate.

You know, even if this was half price I wouldn't recommend it, it's certainly not an unpleasant wine, but it's just completely uninteresting and for this pricepoint, that is inexcusable.

Score: 78


just a lil crazy said...

Quick, possibly silly, question...what exactly is the difference between the Imperial and the Brut Imperial? Also, I just opened a bottle and there is a code on the cork, 0210A291, is this number purely for cataloging or is it something else?

thewineauxs said...

Not a silly question - especially since I don't know! I did some poking around and here's what I found out -

It appears Moet makes a whole line of Imperials - Brut, Rose, Nectar (which is sweet), and this one (which is Extra Dry).

So, the short short version is the Brut is Brut and the Imperial is Extra Dry, even though I don't believe it says Extra Dry on the label. How was it?

As for the cork code...I could find no info. Sorry!