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Friday, March 18, 2011

Vinturi review #1

Of all the wine gizmos and gadgets, the Vinturi seems to get the least amount hate from the wine nerds out there. A deep discount and a gift card motivated me to buy this, while I believe it technically retails for $40, it can frequently be found for $25 on sale.

Here's how I tested it - I took three wine glasses from a set, exact same size, shape, and brand, so there was not glass variation. I then popped open the 2009 Dubeouf Fleurie, reviewed below, a good Beaujolais Cru. I immediately poured half into a 375ml bottle and capped it - this was the "control" and hopefully maintained as much of the first "pop and pour" character. I then poured a glass and let it sit for three hours.

After three hours, I left the room and had my lovely assistant pour one glass direct from the half bottle, one glass from the half bottle through the Vinturi aerator, and place them next to the aerated glass in whatever order she wanted.

The results?

1st place - the wine that went through the Vinturi
2nd place - the wine that sat out for three hours
3rd place - the wine from the half bottle

The difference between second and third was huge - the direct from the bottle wine was noticeably harsher and tighter. The difference between first and second was less pronounced - both tasted far more open and approachable, but the Vinturi wine just seemed a bit smoother.

This was the first time I thought to actually "test" how it aerates. I've done informal blind tests, and nine times out of ten it's obvious which wine went through the aerator, but I admit I'm shocked the Vinturi beat out on the good old fashioned air and swirl time.

I'll occasionally put it to the test and post results. My tentative judgment, though, is it certainly works to some degree. Is it worth $25+? Maybe, maybe not. I would, however, give it a recommendation for someone who wants to buy a gift for a wine love and doesn't want to buy a bottle.

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Mike Fifer said...

I have done a similar test and come up with the same results. I continue to be amazed by what the Vinturi can do. Have even seen them brought by customers to restaurants for people ordering a bottle of red.