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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Michigan Wine Trip – Round Up

Two days, 14 wineries and tasting rooms, 99 wines sampled (actually over 100, but some were fruit based - (“this cherry wine tastes like cherries?”) - I spit most of my samples so my liver is fine, but I'll be damned if my tongue doesn't hurt.

A word on my tasting notes: they were mostly done in a somewhat high pressure situation, with a sales person standing near me, sometimes watching what I write (I counteract this by writing in a fashion that is legible only to me), and often with only a few seconds before I'm being asked a question about what I thought or what I want next. This is part of the reason there isn't much variation in the my descriptions.

Of course another reason for this is that most of the wines are made with the same handful of varietals made in similar styles – subtle differences are present, of course – but what I can break down with a full bottle and three hours in my apartment I won't find in 30 seconds at a tasting room. You still get an idea. If something is absolute crap I'll say it, if something is outstanding I'll say it – otherwise if it's just a general description that it's “fine” - not bad, but not good enough to excited about.

We grabbed quite a few bottles so you'll see a number of Michigan wines reviewed over the next few months.

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