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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Saint Julian Tasting Room – Union Pier 7/15/08

St. Julian
Saint Julian is the largest winery in Michigan – several tasting rooms are across the state and we stopped at the one in Union Pier. The folks working are clearly not too invested in the winery's operations and I found the whole place somewhat strange.

2005 St. J Merlot – extremely light, very mild tannins, cherry and spice, but just a mild wine.

2005 Braganini Reserve Cabernet Franc – earthy with mushroomy notes / cherry and almost no tannin nor much earth or structure. Weird.

2003 Braganini Reserve Meritage – a bit of coffee on the nose / best of the lot at this place, earth, oak, spice, black fruit.

2004 Braganini Reserve Chancellor – carob nose / somewhat funky, cherry, mocha, low acid and tannin, just a big meh.

Blue Heron – peachy nose / tropical fruits on the palate, but quite flabby and nondescript.

My take on this place: Meh!

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