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Friday, July 25, 2008

Warner Vineyards – South Haven Tasting Room 7/13/08

Warner Vineyards

A friendly, young blonde woman was working the room – this was our first winery of the trip and took us off to a good start.

Gewurztraminer – Spice and apricot nose / sweet, stone fruit, good acid – well done.

Cabernet Franc – Earthy nose / dry, good tannic structure, tobacco and black currant

Cabernet Sauvignon – Cherry nose, smooth and mellow, blackberry and some plum, good but unexciting.

Merlot – Quite acidic, cherry, and overall rather light in body.

Veritas – Mellow vanilla nose. No tannins to speak of, smooth overall, vanilla and blueberry – a good pizza wine.

Port – The nose was like smelling a landfill – thick with honey and caramel notes, a touch of raisin and maybe some tobacco with a strong burn.

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