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Sunday, November 02, 2008

N/V Blason de Bourgogne Blanc de Noirs

We've enjoyed other bottles in this line – they tend to have a solid QPR, so let's see what this ten dollar bottle brings. If any photography types out there have any advice on how to take a decent looking photo of a shiny label like this, please drop me a line.

I can't place the nose, basically rye bread dough is all I'm getting.

The thing about most cheaper sparkling wines is they tend to be bogged down with an oily feel that I don't much care for, or some odd lingering metallic notes. It's tough not to get a bit excited when you pop open something like this – light, crisp, and dry. Some light doughy notes, some crisp, peeled Granny Smith apples – a nice amount of tartness, but not the sharp bite of the skin.

The finish brings out some mildly exotic citrus notes – citron, pomelo, maybe some tangerine.

A bit too simple to be excellent, but a fantastic QPR and a great, easy drinking wine.

Wine: 7.5
QPR: 9

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