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Friday, November 14, 2008

N/V Maui's Winery Ulupalakua Red

Wine from Hawaii? I can hear you say it now: “wha wha WHAAAA?” Yep, it's true. This was a souvenir from my parents and I was encouraged to review it on the blog and to be honest.

The biggest thing on the nose is pineapple, which is certainly odd and I fear there's some sort of power of suggestion going on here. There is some strawberry in there as well.

Smooth and easy drinking – mild tannins, nice balanced acid, a dash of black pepper, ripe strawberry, and this is where the ol' brain can get in the way – I can't help but think I'm getting pineapple like tropical fruit notes along with some banana.

More strawberry notes on the finish.

It's a highly unusual region for wine yet it's a pretty good offering – it's nothing terribly complicated but I'd be shocked if it was.

Wine: 6.5
QPR: Gift

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