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Monday, April 13, 2009

2005 Rodney Strong Sonoma County Cabernet Sauvignon

This is one of the “top shelf” wines at the local grocery store, with them saying the retail is something like $23, yet it's always on sale in the $15-17 range.

A bold nose – chocolate, toffee, coffee, black cherry, and a bit of anise.

The palate is simpler than I'd expect based on the nose. Mild tannins, good acidic balance, black raspberry – a tad sweet – and more toffee notes. A bit of time in the glass bring some nice eucalyptus and mint notes.

I can't say there's much of a finish beyond some dark berry qualities.

So, here's the problem with this one – in this area, this is a grocery store sort of wine. Meaning the Jewels will have it, but the “serious” wine shop will not. You can do better for the price if you head over to your local wine shop, but it's one of the better wines out there if you only but your wine where you buy your potatoes.

Wine: 7.5
Value: Meh

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