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Friday, April 24, 2009

N/V Warner Vineyards Veritas

Our alma mater's motto was 'veritas,' so what better wine to drink? This was apparently nineteen dollars (at least that what it is now) and doesn't appear to have a vintage, plus I have no clue about what varietals are in this....a little mystery is a good thing, right Peggy Noonan?

A garbagey, funky, Midwesterny sorta nose.

So, my reaction to the first sip was to cringe violently at the tartness. After a while in the glass, things mellowed considerably. A bit Italian in style but a bit of that strange Midwestern feel. Lots of acid - not quite harsh but quite close - tart raspberries, and a bit of a carob thing going on. The acid fades a bit with air, and really it winds up being a quite reasonable, vaguely Italian, vaguely American, offering. Some blueberry and even some plum qualities come through as the bottle opens.

The carob notes linger as well as more tart raspberry.

You know, if this were ten bucks I'd recommend it as a curiosity, but this close to twenty bucks, you can get an excellent bottle from Italy

Wine: 6
Value: Sorry....pass.

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