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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2005 Chateau Saint Paul Bordeaux

I don't recall the price, but all the 2005 Bordeauxs I snagged were under $12. We'll pretend this was at the high end.

A very nice nose with mostly smooth cedar and tobacco - like smelling a cigar box. It's not complex, but it's just "right."

A fair amount of tobacco and leather, nicely balanced tannins, good acid, a bit of cherry, all with some nice spicy notes - clove, dried Italian spices. It's not a terribly deep wine, but it's very easy drinking.

More leather on the finish - like biting a shoe - with those brown spices coming through as it fades and lingers for some time.

The word I keep thinking when I drink this is "nice." That can come off as condescending, but it's not my intent. There's a lot to like here, everything is just right - if I find more of this I'll be buying several bottles. It's the type of wine that you can pop open and sit on the patio on a cool evening. Well played.

Wine: 7
Values: Yes indeed.

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