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Saturday, May 23, 2009

2005 Guenoc Claret

You know, I know nothing about this wine. It's been on the rack for a long time now, but I have no clue where I bought it or why. I see one shop has the 2006 for nine bucks, so let's pretend this was the same.

A bit of earth and some dark raspberry on the nose with something I haven't hit on in a while - asphalt. Well played.

Plum mostly, cherry, a bit of eucalyptus, some sweet oak, and a nice dash of tobacco.

A slight bit of menthol, mint, and residual plum on the finish.

For under ten bucks, there's absolutely nothing to complain about. There's a nice amount of structure and balance here.

Wine: 7.5
Value: Yep

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