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Saturday, May 16, 2009

1995 Charles Heidsieck Millesime Brut

This was a stupidly priced bottle we bought to celebrate five years of marriage.

Some green apple as well as some interesting raspberry notes on the nose.

Apples dominate but there's plenty going on below the surface. Tangerine, orange zest, and a bit of toast. The thing about vintage Champagne, and remember this, is it should not be consumed as cold as cheaper stuff. The first few sips of this, when it was too cold, struck me as dull and uninteresting. After letting it warm up a bit, to more of a "cool" temperature, a lot of interesting things come through - gooseberry, blueberry, rye toast (so, caraway), and even a bit of mint.

Mostly berry and toast on the finish - rye toast with blueberry jam?

It's good, great in fact, but I'm not floored by it. If you can afford such things on a daily basis, then whatever, but for a special occasion? I'm looking for a 10.

Wine: 9
Value: Irrelevant

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