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Sunday, August 23, 2009

2008 Lacheteau Loire Valley Vouvray

This was seven bucks at Trader Joe's. We grabbed this and the Josefina rose reviewed below - this was the second wine opened after tossing half that bottle - part of me feels this review is somewhat biased because it was consumed right after an atrocious offering. I dug this enough that it does warrant a revisit - we'll see what happens then.

The nose brings crisp pineapple notes.

Very nice - light spice, somewhat sweet, light in body, plenty of crisp acid. Green apple, tropical fruit, and pineapple in a crisp sorta way.

Tart apple and some tropical notes linger.

A phenomenal summer wine and one of the better bargains I've found in some time - highly recommended.

Wine: 7
Value: Yes

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