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Saturday, September 26, 2009

1997 Iron Horse Russian Cuvee

A local shop sold this at $30 - a more recent vintage is going for $33 from the winery itself. Iron Horse is one of the more famous domestic sparkling wine providers and their products are respected, so let's take a look.

This has a crazy big nose - two feet away from the glass and I'm getting some citrus qualities. Inching ever closer some very nice yeast and toast notes come through

This Russian Cuvee is as subtle as Tchaikovsky. Big. Real big. Furtwangler's Pathetique big (no one does it like that anymore, man). Full bodied with punch of acid, enough to knock your teeth out, and all sorts of citrus fruit - from citron to tangerine to tangelo to pomelo to boring old orange. A touch of sugar, well more than a touch, which is interesting since I don't tolerate such things often. Personally, I'd serve this with dessert.

The finish lingers and lingers - obscure citrus fruit and loads of acid.

It ain't subtle and it ain't even my "style" necessarily but it's absurdly well made and has great depth and complexity plus the flavor profile fits my palate perfectly. I don't give 10s easily, but I calls'em as I sees'em.

Wine: 10
Value: Yep

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