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Saturday, March 13, 2010

N/V Domaine Chandon Etoile Brut

This is another one of them bottles where the winery sells it - and declares the retail value - for $40, but many wine shops sell it for under $30. Let's just say it's a thirty dollar bottle. We loved the Etoile Rose, so let's give the Brut a whirl. I'll remind you this one was tasted blind.

Orange and honey on the nose - mild.

Orange - almost like an orange Starburst, not quite artificial, but definitely candy like - I also get a rather tart raspberry quality. Ever so slightly thick in mouthfeel. I do get some yeasty qualities - I think I get some toast, but the more I ponder it, the more I'm thinking it's caraway rye dough - more spicy, or even nutty, rather than toasty.

A nice bit of toast with marmalade comes out on the finish - quite nice - some lime and citron qualities come out way on the back finish as well.

At $30, this is a tad too steep for my wallet - the rose struck me as a better bottle all around. Not bad sir. Not awesome either. But not bad. In fact, it's pretty good. Considering what some Michigan sparklers we've drinking lately hav been doing for 1/3 the price, this doesn't hold up.

Score: 84

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