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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Longman and Eagle - Chicago, IL - 5/15/11

Do I need to write about Longman and Eagle? Esquire and GQ listed them among the best new restaurants in the nation, Chicago magazine has raved, even those Frenchies at Michelin gave this place a star. This place does not take reservations, by singing their praises, I'm just making my life more difficult, aren't I? Well, here's my history -

We went here a week ago for brunch - it was awesome.

We came back a few hours later for drinks - they were awesome.

And a week later, with the family, we came back for dinner. Take a wild guess - it was awesome.

The menu changes frequently and the one on the website is not current, so my descriptions will be vague for the most part, but here we go anyway....

Pork belly, fiddlehead ferns, and some other crazy stuff.


This on the menu - Roasted Marrow Bones, Red Onion Jam, Sea Salt, Sourdough Crostinis


Not on the website, but it's skirt steak and asparagus, I feel like the sauce is morel based...


Lamb, gnocchi....


Another thing on the menu - Pastrami Cured Sweetbreads, Gruyere, Pumpernickel, Saurkraut, Thousand Island Dressing. It sounds like a deconstructed Reuben, but it's less that, more sweetbready awesome.


While they do have a wine list, this is a whiskey bar - the list of whiskey is absurdly long from the $3 shots of Jack Daniels to the Pappy Van Winkle 23 year which is...well, a bit more than $3. I've had their Manhattan (arguably the greatest drink I've ever had, I do not exaggerate), the Gin Fizz (dangerous), the Black Cherry 101 (an adult soda, quite sweet and dangerous), and the Kentucky Colonel (mildly Manhattan-esque). I don't know how they do it, but their whiskey based drinks are the smoothest and easiest drinking things you'll ever come across.

It's not a cheap not out, but as far as bang for the buck goes, this is arguably one of the best.

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