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Monday, May 30, 2011

Tony's Town Square - Magic Kingdom, Orlando, FL - 5/23/11

If you're interested in having something that's not an all you can eat buffet or hamburger, the Magic Kingdom is a rough place to be. This is an Italian restaurant right near the park entrance.

Calamari was very well done - great texture and flavor. Well played!


Meatball sliders. It is comical that we didn't want to eat burgers, so we wound up with meatball sliders, isn't it? If these were served open faced and had more sauce, they'd be better, the meat was pretty dry and there was too much bread overall...but that's just me. The house made chips were very good though.

If you want a sit down lunch or dinner, this is a passable Italian place. If you have a stronger recommendation for the Magic Kingdom, feel free to comment.

As long as we're talking Disney and Italian, if anyone can tell me where I can get Beverly soda in cans or bottles in the US or mail order, please post a comment. Beverly is Coca-Cola product available in the Club Cool room at Epcot, which is a sampling room of sodas from around the world...most people appear to find it to be repulsive, I think it's a fantastic tonic water on steroids sorta product.

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