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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Le Cellier - Epcot Center, Orlando, FL - 5/26/11

If you believe the interweb, you likely think a reservation at Le Cellier is next to impossible to get - this is untrue. The Disney site allows you to make reservations 180 days in advance - if you try to make a reservation 180 days in advance at Le Cellier, then yes, you probably will find that it's booked. All you need to do is check every couple of days and invariably someone will cancel their reservation. When I first started looking at this place, it was completely booked - three weeks later I had four times available on the night I wanted.

The pretzel bread gets much love, and rightfully so....


The beer cheese soup is excellent, but absurd for one person...potentially absurd for two people...hell, it's absurd for three people. It's thick, it's heavy, it's delicious, but don't expect to have much room, which is a shame since...


Le Cellier Mushroom Filet Mignon with wild mushroom risotto, white truffle butter sauce and micro chervil. This is apparently the restaurant's signature dish and rightfully so.


Bison strip steak...tasty, but paled in comparison to the filet.


There you go. On the one hand, a good steak can be had almost anywhere, on the other, sometimes that's what you want. If that's the case, this place is solid. A nice wine list, with plenty of Canadian selections, is gravy on the poutine - I generally don't recommend steak places, but when they're done right, how can one not?

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