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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

2005 Rosemount Estate Diamond Label Riesling/Traminer

This was $3 at Trader Joes and it was on display right next to the cash register I was at – normally, I wouldn't have considered it but as a last minute impulse buy I figured it would be no different than buying a lotto ticket.

While there's some stone fruit on the nose, it's surprisingly grapey.

The palate is somewhat grapey as well – stone fruit of peaches and nectaines comes through as well, a bit of spice, somewhat sweet, but a solid amount of acid balance it out.

Some spicy – of the pie filling sort – notes linger on the finish.

For $3 – hell, for $5 – I'd cheerfully grab this one again. I can definitely see cracking open a bottle of this sitting on the deck when it's ninety degrees and we're grilling burgers. Light, well balanced, and easy drinking - I'll be grabbing this next time we hit Trader Joe's and saving it for the summer.

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