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Monday, January 19, 2009

2005 Les Caves Joseph Bordeaux Rouge

I bought a bunch of cheap 2005 Bordeaux a while back and have been slowly hitting them. This one was seven bucks.

The big thing on the nose here is cinnamon.

Earthy, spicy, dirty, funky – some cherries as well, but this is a dirty, filthy wine with good acid and nice, velveting tannins. The fruit comes through as the bottle opens, but so does a strong, freshly tanned leather quality. I feel like I'm chewing on a leather jacket.

Dried spices linger on the finish – from the dark brown cinnamon and clove to the green oregano and basil.

Well - I'm in a phase where something be a bit too earthy is more forgivable than something too fruity. This certainly isn't great but for seven bucks who can complain?

Wine: 7
Value: Yes


The Gourmez said...

Once again, I have quoted you on my blog. Interesting take on this wine. I tried the 2007 vintage and found it a lot less questionable, though we both still thought it was quite drinkable.

thewineauxs said...

Thanks for the comment and link - for interested readers check out:

I'll be curious to try the 2007.