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Sunday, January 04, 2009

N/V Incanto Rose Vino Frizzante

This was something I saw at Trader Joe's – I sadly don't recall the price but it wasn't more than seven bucks.

A mild nose, with just a bit of candied apple.

This is a slightly carbonated wine – it has a regular cork that requires a corkscrew, but it makes a pop noise when you open it. There's no real stream of bubbles – just some hanging on the side of the glass. The bubbles give it a very interesting mouthfeel – it's not quite fizzy, but you definitely feel it. Red apple and a few toasty notes and that's it. If it didn't have the fizz, I'd probably call this quite boring but it adds a layer to make it interesting.

I get some strawberry seeds on the finsh.

This is an extremely simple wine – very little is going on – but the bubbles give it a bit of depth, and there's nothing funky or unpleasant going on. For this pricepoint, that's not bad at all.

Wine: 6
Value: Yes


The Gourmez said...

Just letting you know I quoted you on my own review of Incanto Rose this week. My Review

thewineauxs said...

I noticed some traffic from your site - thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

One of my absolute favority wines. Simple, inexpensive but absolutely delicious. Everyone who has tasted this wine can't believe it. Great price, great wine.

Anonymous said...

We echo Anonymous's comment. One of our absolute favority's!!!!! Great price...great wine. The colder the better!!!!!