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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2007 Kirkland Signature Series Stag's Leap Cabernet Sauvignon

This was $17 at Costco. It was between this and a cheaper Kirkland offering, but I figured I'd be fancy with my Prime Steak. Seriously - Costco carries prime steaks for $11 a pound or so. That $40+ steak at Morton's or where ever can now be had at home for under $10. Outstanding. Just don't cook it beyond medium rare or you're a rube. I should've taken a picture of that steak...maybe the next one. Where was I? Oh yeah, $17 Cab, Costco's private label, Stag's Leap District, let's give it a whirl.

Plum, casssis, eucalyptus, and an odd sort of petrol thing on the nose.

Smoothalicious. More cassiss and plum, some blackberry, black cherry, a touch of vanilla, a bit of a Twizzler sort of quality, not much in terms of oak and mild enough tannins that I'd drink this sooner rather than later.

More of that black cherry on the finish.

For $17 this is pretty solid - it's not a crazy value that will have me buying it by the case, but it's definitely a recommendation and one I could easily see buying again.

Score: 87+

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Anonymous said...

Worst Cabernet I've ever bought for $19. Not sure what bottle you opened, but mine was no way all Cabernet grapes. There was enough Pinot in the bottle to make it sweet and smelly like anti-freeze. Didn't taste much better than that and not sure it won't kill me. I plan to let it breathe for a day and hope that by tomorrow all the petroleum has evaporated. Yuck! Costco you've lost your brand appeal. Never again.