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Saturday, February 17, 2007

2003 Girard Petite Sirah

This has been sitting on the ol’ rack for some time. We tried this at a tasting and didn’t hesitate with a $20 pricetag. I gave this one about three hours in the decanter. The very bottom of the bottle did begin to throw sediment so be careful with this one.

A bit of oak and plenty of earth on the nose along with some deep, ripe raspberry.

The palate is big–lots of black fruit, lots of oak, big chewy tannins. Blackberry, plums, and some spice as well–mint, cinnamon, and black pepper. Everything it big, but it’s all nicely’re assaulted equally by everything.

The finish fades with lingering earth, black pepper, anise, oak, and vanilla....not much in terms of fruit....and it lasts for quite some time with the black pepper lasting for close to a minute.

At hour seven, this wine really began to change a fruit began coming through—strawberry and cherry, the tannins are still firm but much smoother. Personally, I think it’s better now than it was earlier, so either drink this one over a long evening or open it as early as possible.

It’s been a while since we’ve had a Petite Sirah and I have to admit I was hesitant to open this bottle since I felt strongly about it at the tasting and feared it wouldn’t hold up–well, it has. This is an excellent wine and one that I’d recommend if you don’t mind having your teeth stained purple.

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