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Saturday, February 17, 2007

N.V Domaine de Martinolles Le Berceau Blanquette de Limoux

This is a sparkling wine from France, though not a Champagne. The next time you’re at a cocktail party you can share this tidbit: sparkling wine was being produced in Limoux over a century before the Bendedictine monks began producing it in Champagne. This ran us around $13.

Apple and pear on the nose.

Apples, pear, and peach on the palate with some yeast. No toast or citrus that I frequently find in sparkling wine. A very nice constant stream of bubbles that last for a long time in the glass and kept on fizzing in the bottle even after well over an hour.

A light, crisp stone fruit finish fades slowly.

On the one hand the palate isn’t all that complex, on the other hand the bubbles are superb and the flavors are bold and long lasting. Immensely quaffable, this is a wine you can drink an entire bottle of in one sitting and enjoy thoroughly yet not think all that much about because everything is just so right.

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