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Saturday, February 17, 2007

N/V Jacquesson Cuvee No. 730 Champagne

It’s bottles like this that make me almost giddy. It ran me $40, but mah boy, it was worth it.

The palate brings a nice mix of blueberry, red apple, vanilla, and toast. I don’t recall ever getting a berry in a Champagne before but it’s certainly here---it’s not quite pure fruit, almost like blueberry waffle–yeast, dough, and a bit of strong, perhaps reconstituted berry...which may sound odd, but trust me–it’s a good thing.

After well over an hour this still has a steady stream of bubbles that aren’t going anywhere.

The finish lingers with some yeast and apple for a fair amount of time.

To me, $40 is special occasion level (we drank this on Valentine’s Day) and this surely won’t disappoint. Nice complexity, smooth all around, strong bubbles...really, this has everything I’m looking for a Champagne and then some. Strongly recommended.

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