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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2007 Two Lads Cabernet Franc Rose

Alright – Two Lads – perhaps the most exciting winery I've encountered recently.....I have forgotten what I paid, but a website that seems reputable lists this at $17.

A fairly dark rose, almost ruby in color – (I've seen Pinot Noirs darker than this) – the nose brings raspberry coffee cake.

A big palette – a sharp bite of cranberry, bright cherry, raspberry jam, a nice zing of acid, some interesting spicy notes, and just a bit of sugar. My notes from the tasting room say this struck me as dry, but while it's not sweet, I wouldn't say this is “dry.”

The cranberry sticks around – almost like cranberry Jones Soda that you can get around Thanksgiving time – but as it fades some earthiness comes through.

I remember really liking this at the winery, but as I drink this bottle I like it even more. An outstanding bottle – next time we're in this area I hope they have some left as we'd definitely grab a case of this one.

Wine: 8.5
QPR: 8

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