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Sunday, September 07, 2008

New feature (of sorts) - Ratings

A lot of sites and publications assign points or grades which is something we've avoided. The more I think about it, the more I think a numbering system will be useful, if for nothing else than my own wine memory.

Actually - make that two numbering systems.

The first will be the basic rating - with a range from 1-10 (half points allowed). The rating is an evaluation of the wine as it stands with various factors in mind, but completely unconcerned with price. The number is totally subjective to our palates so they are to be taken with a grain of salt.

The second will be a QPR rating - this system was abandoned on 12/31/08, so posts between now and then will have "Quality Price Ratio." If we grab a $5 wine and we think it's a seven, that's impressive and the QPR number will be rather high, a $25 bottle that's seven will have a low QPR.

The numbers meanings are as follows:

10 - among the best wines (or deals) we've had.

9 - fantastic.

8 - excellent, I'd buy it again.

7 - I'll call this one "damn good."

6 - good, this is by no means a bad wine – a 6 would be a recommendation assuming the QPR is strong – but these typically would be considered to be just a bit too simple for nerdy study like this.

5 - fine, but completely boring.

4 - drinkable, but there are problems.

3 - there may be some redeeming value here but I'm not convinced.

2 - downright unpleasant.

1 - yikes.

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