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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

N/V Krug Brut Grand Cuvee

Alright dude – Krug. Whoa! Big time. Here at The Wineauxs when good news hits – like that of a new job - we celebrate in style – for example, this (half) bottle.

Alright – pop this, pour it, and wait 30 minutes. It opens beautifully but I was severely let down at first pour with how tight it was. Orange rind, not quite ripe peach, and some great yeast on the nose.

It's rare that I'd say this, but this is just about flawless. Apricots, nuts, peaches, red apples, green apples, bread dough, coffee, pears – I can probably sit here and rattle off five different things I get with each sip. I won't bother, I'd rather sit back and enjoy it then type about it.

The finish lingers an extended period and is that asphalt I'm getting in the distance? I think it is.

Absurdly priced but goddamn if it ain't absurdly good.

Wine: 10

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