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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

2005 Baron de Mont Plaisir Bordeaux

Here's another cheapo 2005 Bordeaux. I don't know the price, but it wasn't $10.

A nice nose with anise and cedar.

In a word – thin. Virtually no body. I'd describe this as slightly oaky water with some cherry.

Some anise and clove lingers for longer than you'd expect for such a light bodied wine.

Big fast stinking blah. It's the sort of wine you can drink a gallon of not think twice about. Perhaps alright for a hot summer day when you're grilling a steak and want something red, but not too heavy - beyond that, nah.

Wine: 5
Value: Nah

1 comment:

Paulo said...

Hi Chris and Fran, if you remember I am Paulo's dad!
I liked your blog much and will return on a regular basis, despite the fact down here in the Dominican Republic is quite a bit complicated to go to a store and find all the wines you put a "pass" on it!
Anyway it is interesting the way you put you observations and experiences. Go ahead!