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Saturday, March 14, 2009

2006 Luigi Bosca Malbec Reserva

You know, I grabbed this fairly recently, but have no idea where or for how much. Trader Joe's? Maybe? It couldn't have been more than $12 or may have been far less in fact.

A mentholy mediciney nose.

Big eucalyptus on the palate – like really big, huge, inching very close to unpleasantness. Even with plenty of airtime, this is still a difficult wine. There is some fruit, mostly strawberry, but it's all funky and green – mint, olives,

The finish is minty with more medicine qualities.

Well, if you like a lot of medicine qualities, then sure. Otherwise, I can't recommend it.

Wine: 4.5
Value: Nah


SarcastiCarrie said...

Opened a bottle of this Saturday night (possibly a different year). It sat in the glass for 20 minutes while I plated dinner. Husband and I finished it off - no problem. It was smooth and excellent with food. It was not as good a few hours later when we were drinking it without food, but still palatable.

I have no trained palate but I know what I like.

thewineauxs said...

Thanks for the comment!

As you read, this one didn't work for me, but I'm glad you dug it.