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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dobber's Pasties - Escanaba, MI - 7/4/09 through the Upper Peninsula and you'll see tons of signs that look a little something like this:

We tried a couple different places, but Dobbers was the best by far, located in Escanaba, MI.

A pasty is basically a savory turnover - you frequently see them in beef, chicken, or vegetable (the vegetable seem to have chicken broth, so they are probably not vegetarian friendly). Basically you get diced potatoes, meat, maybe some carrots - it's hearty, perfect for a cold winter night, but as you may guess it's not exactly subtle, delicate faire. Most places offer ketchup, though I did see some steak sauce at one place which I think would work nicely.

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Anonymous said...

Try 'em with gravy.