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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Trattoria Stella - Traverse City, MI - 7/1/09

Check out Stella's website here - if you want to eat here, I'm gonna recommend calling ahead and getting a reservation.

We had planned on dining elsewhere, but we had little choice after I found myself tearing off my shirt yelling STELLA!!!!!

Here's a seafood special appetizer feature mussels, clams, and shrimp in a tomato cream sauce.

So, look, I like Stella...but I don't care much for seafood. I try to get it as an appetizer from time to time to try things out, but I learned an important lesson from this dish - I hate mussels.

The schmancy pulled pork sandwiches were the opposite of undelicious.

Fran's beef tenderloin rocked the house.

My veal kicked my face in, but honestly the pasta did little for me.

Stella is definitely one our favorite spots in Traverse City. It's not cheap - four courses without drinks or tip hit $91, but I'd say it's worth it, and easily on par with some of the three star Italian places in Chicago.

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