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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Morsels - Traverse City, MI - 7/3/09

Here's their site - located right downtown in Traverse City.

They look like schmancified Hostess Mini Muffins, but brother, they ain't Hostess Mini Muffins.

Among others, featured here are: Tall on Taste (raspberry shortbread), Redhead (carrot cake), Devil's in the Details (devil's food cake with chocolate cream), Something to Wine About (flourless chocolate cake), Brownie Excite-Mint (chocolate/mint - my personal favorite).

A dozen go for around nine bucks and though they are small, they're dense (yet, paradoxically light) enough that you'll probably be set, for a while at least, with four or five. Let's pretend you have a seven hour drive in front of you, you'll probably want to stock up on a few dozen. We didn't. We should've.

This is yet another place we stumbled upon on our first visit and knew we had to return. These two bite pastries pack a lot of punch.

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Misha (Mrs. Morsels, that is) said...

Thanks for the great review - and link to our website! We hope you'll stop by again when you're in TC!