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Sunday, September 03, 2006

2003 (?) Karma Vista, Stone Temple Pinot Noir

Karma Vista Vineyards is a winery in Southwest Michigan. Many of their wines are named after the varietal, but some named after songs and bands (for example: Pink Side of the Moon, Starry Starry White).

A couple friends of ours, Jen and Joe visited there and brought us back a bottle of Stone Temple Pinot (thanks guys!). I think it’s a reference to Stone Temple Pilots? A wine referencing STP seems strange coming from a place which references Pink Floyd and Don McClean. Fran asked me to come up with another pun on Pinot if I’m so smart...going to “no” route gives dozens of easy ones: “Pinot More Lies”–Iron Maiden. “Pinot More” or “Pinot Values”--Black Flag. “Pinot Voices in the Sky”–Motorhead. “Pinotbody Knows Anything”–Anthrax.

If someone names a wine referencing Motorhead, I’m buying it by the case. When I retire, I just may buy a vineyard and name it Chateau Lemmy.

Back to the wine:

There’s no year on the label, but they don’t do a non-vintage Pinot. I’m guessing it’s 2003 since there’s a “tasting sheet” on the web that cites 2003.

This is probably the lightest red wines I’ve ever seen. A lot of Beaujolais, in fact–and this is no joke–I’ve seen rose darker than this.

The nose is earthy–a good sign for Pinot Noir–and an unexpected one for such a light wine. Fran gets cherries and anise.

The palate on this is one is really interesting. As the color suggests, it’s light...extremely light. However, it’s got quite a few, albeit subtle, things going on. I taste a little bit of oak, I get a bit of earth, and a bit of raspberries. It’s a nicely balanced, but extremely light wine.

Pairing this would be a problem. A wine so light and delicate if you serve this with anything it will be overwhelmed. The other big problem is that a wine this light, with 12% alcohol can be dangerous...proceed with caution but enjoy.

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