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Saturday, September 09, 2006

2003 Mount Pleasant Cabernet Sauvignon

Earlier in this blog we reviewed a white wine from Mount Pleasant negatively, and in that review I said I was looking forward to opening up one of their reds so they’re consistently good.

So, here we are. The 2003 Cabernet Sauvingon which retails at $25.99.

Even after a two hours in the decanter, the wine was still a bit tight, so it needs a lot of time to open up.

On the nose I get a hit of alcohol with oak. There’s also some cherries.

The palate is not unlike the nose: oak and cherries. The tannins are mild but there’s quite a bit of acid which makes it a little sharp. It’s a good wine, but it’s very simple–other than the cherries and oak there’s nothing really going on in the glass. At $25 bottle, I generally expect some more complexity than this.

My only gripe is the price. It’s a good bottle of wine, firm enough to stand up to hearty food but smooth enough to enjoy a glass alone.

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