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Saturday, September 02, 2006

N/V Marshall Field's Cabernet Sauvignon

There is no year on this bottle, so I can only assume it’s non-vintage, which is interesting. I’ve never seen a non-vintage California Cabernet.

On the nose I don’t get much fruit but there is quite a bit of cinnamon and perhaps a trace of blackberry.

The color of this wine is’s dark red but I get a lot of brown tones in it.

On the palate there’s some spice, berry fruit, and smooth tannins. However, there’s a lot of acid, in fact....we’re both having Charles Shaw flashbacks. The overwhelming acid is making this wine taste quite sour and I’m at a point where I feel life is way too short to drink crap....down the drain you go.

I would not buy this again, nor would I recommend you buy it unless you want a souvenir...and if you want a souvenir, why aren’t you buying a box of Frango mints?

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